Pet Arabia WLL was founded in 2009 to fill a huge gap in Bahrain's market; the supply of quality pet products and merchandise. It was a gap we noticed when trying to keep our own furry friends happy, healthy and protected. So, armed with the intention to raise the bar in Bahrain's domestic pet industry, we set about achieving our goals. And we did. Now we've decided to expand…

Today we offer the entire GCC, as well as the wider world, a plethora of top quality products and services. Basically, we're in this game to make sure everybody and anybody's beloved animal gets the best of the best and that you get great value for money as our products measure up to the highest of international standards and can outlast anything else you might find on today's market.

In a nutshell, we were Bahrain's first quality pet store and now we're even better! We have grown from being a one-stop-shop to offering six convenient locations where Bahrain's pet owners can choose from a wide variety of pet products and services. And now, we provide our supplies to the rest of the world via the GCC's most comprehensive online portal for pet products and supplies.


We aim to be everybody's port of call, online and offline, when catering to their pets' needs and in particular for cats and dogs. Our ultimate goal is to raise the standards for the supply of animal products not only in the Kingdom of Bahrain but also within the GCC and the wider world. Most importantly, we aim to build a name that will forever be synonymous with reliability, durability and superior service.


We firmly believe that by taking better care of your pet, you will not only have a happier and healthier animal, but you will also have the opportunity to create many more lasting memories with him or her. This belief is what led us into the pet business; our passion for animals drives us to offer the best quality service available and so far, this has been hugely successful. But rather than allowing this to lead us into a state of complacency, our current success only drives us to further develop our services, skills and knowledge.

  • High standard of customer service: expertise in handling and caring for pets coupled with excellent product knowledge.

  • Healthy environment: We provide a clean, upscale, odor-free and friendly environment conducive to giving professional and trustworthy service.

  • Convenience: We provide a wide array of pet products and services in two highly convenient locations within Bahrain as well as online for residents of the Kingdom and customers within the GCC and around the world.

  • Reputation: Our credibility, integrity and dedication to all aspects of our business are unsurpassable.

  • Passion: We started this business primarily because we are passionate about all of our furry friends.

  • Knowledge: We are constantly keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest in market knowledge so you can rest assured we know best when it comes to your pets.